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For basement paint color ideas, you must have a plan to follow so the end result is what you want. The first thing you need to understand is that most basements have the reputation of being damp dark places that monsters lurk. To help counter this impression right away, the use of dark colors must be avoided.

The terms neutral is the reference most experts would use when attempting to help you chosen a color. An off white, gray, or a light beige color can transform that dark and dusty basement into a place more inviting for your family and just to enjoy. If you prefer to paint the walls a particular color, it is ok just as long as the ceiling and floor are from this neutral selection.

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What a cozy basement!

The warmer the tone chosen for the walls, the more inviting the space will be no matter what the intended purpose of the basement room will be. Warm colors are light shades of yellow, red, blue, green or orange. You do not want a bright color that will give the impression of blinding a person, but one that will make a person comfortable.

Depending on the purpose of the basement room it will help to determine the type of finish you should apply. The semi gloss and flat paint is usually a good choice. Both are relatively easy to clean if the children get a hold of chalk or crayons. Another consideration with the finish for those that do not use a drop ceiling because of the clearance and apply drywall, the joint sections are difficult to cover, especially for an amateur. The use of texture can help hide the lines. The problem with this is then most people will also texture the walls. If children are to play in there, when they rub up against the wall, they can receive an abrasion. It is also harder to clean if not impossible at times depending on what was used, like a crayon.

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Use neutral or light colors for the basement

One of the leading reasons for using light warm colors is because most basements lack windows in them. Because of this, there will be little to no naturally lighting in the room. Think about who is going to use the room downstairs the most. If it is for the children’s playroom, then give it a bright glowing color. If both boys and girls will be there a yellow or green shade would work best. This will avoid any problems over sibling rivalries if the room is a shade of pink or blue.

If this is going to be a second living room, it should have some character. By painting two walls an off white where bookcases or other furniture will be placed can be done with light beige on the other walls that will be viewed in more of their entirety is an option. This will set a positive tone in the room that it is more than just a hole in the ground.

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A light fixture like this one will certainly add a warmer touch to the basement

The best basement paint color ideas for your home are the warm colors you are most comfortable with and how you plan to use this new living space.

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