Paint Color Ideas for Bedrooms

kids bedroom paint color ideas

paint color ideas for bedroom

Choosing a correct paint colors for the bedroom can be a daunting task in view of the varieties of paint color ideas. There are literally thousands of different colors to choose from and the task can be overwhelming if you are doing it for the first time and don’t have a clue as to where to start.

Even though it seems difficult to choose the right color for the bedroom, the article will make it easy for you to choose the right color that matches not only your bedroom but also your personality. The following paragraphs will describe in detail on how to find the best paint color ideas for your bedroom.

bedroom paint color ideas
Bedroom Paint Color Ideas

Neutral Color

One of the most commonly used paint colors for bedrooms would be the neutral colors. Neutral colors consist of light and medium brown, metallic gold, eggshell, shades of gray, tans, matte gold, buttery yellows and ecru. A lot of home owners prefer to use neutral colors as they are generally considered as the mainstream colors which are widely accepted.

neutral bedroom paint color
Neutral Bedroom Paint Color

There are many benefits to using a neutral paint color for bedrooms. One of which is the ability to easily match any decorations with neutral colors. You don’t have to worry about the color of the new décor contradicts with the bedroom colors. As long as the décor is not extremely huge and are not covering more than one third of the bedroom, you are good to go.

Pale Hues

If you want a different color on your bedroom other than the standard plain white or off white and yet don’t want a bright color, the muted or pale hue is the perfect choice. Pale hues consist of mainly blue color. There are many types of blues such as light sky blue, light aquamarine, periwinkle and pale aqua. Other than blue, there are pale yellow, sage, light rose and lavender.

Pale hues are considered a cooler color which gives off a relaxing and calming effect to the occupants. Blue is not only one of the most used colors for bedroom but also the most perfect choice since bedroom is the place for rest and relaxing. You could experiment with different types of blue color such as light blue, aqua blue or sky blue. Each color will have its unique effect and feel.

Bright Colors

A bright or bold color such as red, orange, yellow or reddish brown may not be a suitable paint color for bedroom as they can be overwhelming. Bold colors represent energy, vigorous, excitement and active. Bedroom is a place for rest and relaxing. As a result, painting your bedroom all red or orange maybe too over stimulating and can have an adverse effect on the occupants in the long run.

bright bedroom paint color
Bright Bedroom Paint Color

Nevertheless, if you decide to go with bold colors for your bedroom, ensure the decorations and furniture isn’t as bright so you can maintain a balance. If you have a small bedroom, using bright colors may not be a smart move as it will create a narrowing effect in the bedroom.

Some popular bold and bright colors for bedroom are plum, mocha, amethyst, eggplant, deep red, cobalt blue, plum and bright teal.


In short, there is not an absolute guide in terms of paint color ideas for bedroom. You can use whatever color that you feel comfortable with. The information here is only meant to serve as a general guideline. You don’t have to follow whatever is said or deem appropriate by the general population. As long as you feel the color gives you the good feeling, you are all set to go.

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