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Selecting the right color for a room can sometimes be tricky due to the dramatic effect of lighting and shadows. It doesn’t matter if you are choosing the paint color for bedroom, bathroom, living room or kitchen, it takes time and effort to get the color right. The following paragraphs provide some ideas on how to choose the best paint color.

Before doing anything yet, you will need some tools to get the job done. You will need to get several medium size paint brushes, some plywood scraps, a large sheet of cardboard, a few rollers, a drywall scrap and a quart of paints of which the colors should be the one of your favorite.

living room with cool paint color
Living Room With Cool Paint Color Ideas

Color Schemes from Magazine

Buy some home decorating magazines in local book stores and go through them in detail. Pay particular attention to the color samples shown in images. If there is one particular color that you like or prefer, take the magazine with you to the hardware stores when shopping for paint and ask the sales person about the paint color.

Ask For Color Samples

At the hardware stores, ask the sales person if there is a sample for the color that you like. When checking out the color on paper or a cardboard, the thing that you want to take note is the color normally looks more intense on walls than it does on the cardboard. As a result, if you decide to choose that particular color, I would suggest you to go for one or two tones lighter.

Color Matching

If you like certain paint colors to match the color of the sofa, curtain or bedspread in your room, remember to bring a piece of fabric which has the same color as the furniture with you when shopping for paint colors at the hardware store. With the availability of the fabric at the hardware store, you could easily compare and decide if the paint colors will match the color of your furniture.

Warm and Cool Paint Colors

Colors such as red, orange and yellow give bold or warm feeling whereas greens, blues and grays are considered cooler colors. Choose a warm color for the room if you think you will be using the room for entertainment, family gathering or entertaining guests.

living room with warm paint color
Living Room With Warm Paint Color Ideas

In general, a warm color is more suitable for living room and dining room. On the other hand, cool colors represent calm and relax. Use cool colors in bedroom, study room or any other rooms that you will be spending your time for resting and reading.

Avoid Snow White Paint Colors

Try not to use plain white or snow white paint colors for any room as it will make the room seems too monochromatic. You will feel a sense of sterile, harsh or operating room effect in a room painted with snow white color. The rule of thumb for using any white color is to go with a white that has a hint of pink, peach or beige.

Bold Color Schemes

Bold color schemes such as red, purple, yellow and orange are best used for rooms where you don’t spend a lot of time. The perfect areas for bold color schemes are the dining rooms and bathroom. Other rooms such as home office, family room, bedroom and kitchen are recommended not to go with bold colors as you will be emotionally affected by these colors if you tend to spend long hours in these rooms.

Evaluate the New Paint Colors

When at the hardware store, don’t buy large quantity of paint. Purchase only a small amount of paint such as a quart or so for evaluation purpose. When at home, test the new paint color on a section of a wall with a paint brush or roller. If you don’t want to paint it on the wall yet, you can do so with a piece of large plywood or a wallboard scrap. Paint the plywood and set it against the walls.

Observe the new colors at different time of the day such as in the morning, during the evening and at night. The lighting (including artificial light) at different times of the day will have a very different effect on the color. Observe the effect and evaluate the result for several days.

More Color Testing

You are encouraged to perform more color testing such as tinkering with more peach or less pink or make it a little bit yellowish. Do whatever is necessary in small amount of paint until you are happy with the results. The cost of testing with a variety of paints might be expensive if you add up all the expenses but it’s better to set it correct in the first place rather than having to repaint the whole wall.

If You Plan to Sell the House

Stick with mainstream colors if you plan to sell the house. Mainstream colors will tend to appeal to prospective buyers.

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