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The thought of laundry room paint color ideas is not a topic that is a hit at most social gatherings, but it very important for the person that takes care of the cloths for a family. The less appealing this room is to enter and work in will subconsciously cause a person to avoid this task around the home. While doing laundry will never be a favorite chore that does not mean it has to be dreaded.

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Sample laundry room 1.

The need for a soothing and relaxing setting in the laundry room will help a person stay in there longer and go back more frequent so this chore is done as often as needed by the family. For this reason the lightshade of blue or yellow are highly recommended. These colors will be seen subconsciously by receptors in your brain making you more comfortable in their presents. This will allow the person doing this chore to remain there longer and help them to concentrate on the task at hand so a better job is done.

The type of paint you plan to use is another consideration. Since this is a room where items that are dirty will enter but they need to leave clean, the walls should be of a surface that is cleanable. This means no texturing of the walls and a semi gloss paint would be ideal. This will help you to clean the wall surfaces when they become covered or stained with dirty items such as mud or dirt from the cloths that are being cleaned.

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Sample laundry room 2.

When applying the paint, be sure all of the appliances in the room have been removed so all of the walls in their entirety can have a fresh coat of paint applied to them. If you have wooden shelving in the room, it is also recommended that you paint these the same color. Not only will it improve the appearance of the room, but since the paint will be cleanable, the dirt from any dirty clothes placed on them can easily be removed with little effort.

Most people in the past always painted the laundry room white. There was a real and practical reason for this. White is the one color that allows for the corners of the room to not be so well defined. This permits your mind to think you are in a larger space that it really is. While white can still be the color of choice for those that have a person doing the family laundry that is claustrophobic. The fear of tiny spaces is real had has to be respected.

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Sample laundry room 3.

White does have the tendency to show more of the dirt that has accumulated, but at least you will be aware of it so it can be removed. Rememeber the reason for a laundry room is to remove dirt for cloths in the easiest and most effeicent manner. Having a pleasant environment to do this task is the best way to help the person performing this task to be happy while doing it.

The laundry room paint color ideas is usually an after-thought when remodeling your home. If you place some priority on it, the end result will be a happier family who are wearing clean cloths.

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