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The paint color ideas for kitchen have to include the shades that make you feel comfortable with a warm feeling. This is the place a person spends a great deal of time in preparing the food for the family. The color that is best suited for your home will also be determined by the style of your kitchen and just how much has to be painted.

kitchen paint color 01
A modern kitchen that uses white paint color.

In most kitchens, the cabinetry will take up to 50% of the space. These are generally already in place and decided on before the color of the walls is to be chosen. Because of this you need to make sure it will not crash with your decision. For many this will be a wood finish. The exceptions to this are when cheap wood or particle board is used to construct the cabinets. Then they can be painted. You can use the same color on the cabinets as the walls, or you can have a contrast of colors.

kitchen paint color 02
A traditional style kitchen that utilize light blue paint colors.

If a dark color is used and there are not a large number of windows in the kitchen, the room will have a dreary feeling to it. For this reason use a more cheerful shade. This is why the use of light creams, yellow, green, blue, beige and even an off white are the most popular colors for a kitchen. If you are creating a country kitchen then a light brown might suit the other d├ęcor better, just make sure nothing clashes or the classic blue and white with checks in some portions of the wall. You can also create the checkerboard pattern on the splash guards with blue and white tiles.

kitchen paint color 03
Kitchen with wooden cabinet.

The consideration most home owners just ignore or plain forget about is the ceiling. While you can just paint it white or off white, there are other options to use. Most homes go with a simple neutral color so it will not clash with the rest of your choices. This is acceptable, not your only option. The installation of false beams can add that special touch to this part of the room that will help accent it.

kitchen paint color 04
Warm color such as yellow is a popular paint color for kitchen.

If you have a great deal of stainless steel appliances in your kitchen then may I suggest you go with a light shade of grey. This will give the kitchen a warm welcome feeling when you walk in. To help accent the trim, a black can be used or a darker shade of grey that what you have chosen for the walls. This color can also be used as the ceiling paint so a more uniformed look will be the ending results.

kitchen paint color 05
Country style kitchen

The final results of how you paint your kitchen should reflect your mood and personality, especially if you are the one that will be preparing the family meals in there. Remember you can chose to use several different shades of the same color to accent different potions of the room to make it fit your personality.

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